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1A novel operation strategy for single-to three-phase matrix converterSoftware, Power Electronics, Matlab-Simulink
2Speed control for DC motor with pulse width modulation (PWM) method using infrared remote control based on ATmega16 microcontrollerHardware, Machines, Power Electronics, Arduino
3PWM control mode for four-quadrant operation of brushless DC motorSoftware, Machines, Power Electronics, Matlab-Simulink
4A Two Stage AC-DC Converter for Speed Control of a DC MotorSoftware, Machines, Power Electronics, Matlab-Simulink
5An Implantable Neural Stimulator IC With Anodic Current Pulse Modulation Based Active Charge BalancingSoftware, Bio-Medical, VLSI, CMOS, Neural stimulation
6A design methodology for charge-balanced stimulators based on anodic current variation monitoringSoftware, MATLAB, Bio-Medical, VLSI, CMOS, Neural stimulation
7Compact, Energy-Efficient High-Frequency Switched-Capacitor Neural Stimulator With Active Charge BalancingSoftware, Bio-Medical, Neural simulator
8A High-Performance Multiply-Accumulate Unit by Integrating Additions and Accumulations into Partial Product Reduction ProcessSoftware, VLSI, Pipeline Processing
9High-Speed Area-Efficient VLSI Architecture of Three-Operand Binary AdderHardware, FPGA, VLSI
10Adaptive control of two link robot manipulator with animationSoftware, MATLAB, Robotics
11Time optimal control of a double integrator systemSoftware, MATLAB, Control Systems
12Terminal sliding mode control of two link robotic manipulatorSoftware, MATLAB, Robotics
13Trajectory control of a wheeled mobile robotSoftware, MATLAB, Robotics
14Voltage build up in a squirrel cage induction generator using controlled rectifierSoftware, MATLAB, Machines
15Industrial grade field oriented Speed control of induction motorSoftware, MATLAB, Machines
16Adaptive 15-level inverter with reduced switch count for Solar PV ApplicationsSoftware, MATLAB, Power Electronics, Solar
17Single phase active PWM rectifier/single phase AC DC boost converter with power factor correctionSoftware, Matlab-Simulink, Power Electronics
18Three phase active PWM rectifier/three phase AC DC boost converter with power factor correctionSoftware, Matlab-Simulink, Power Electronics
19Single phase Harmonic Injection/ Active power filters/Shunt compensationSoftware, Matlab-Simulink, Power Electronics
20Three phase Harmonic Injection/ Active power filters/Shunt compensationSoftware, Matlab-Simulink, Power Electronics
21Micro-controller based Speed control of Fan using IR remoteHardware, Machines, Arduino, Remote Control
22Wireless Power Transmission using Tesla CoilHardware
23Speed control of DC Motor using DC-DC Converters with Android mobileHardware, Machines, Android
24Traffic light control using ATMEGA 328Hardware
25Sun Tracker: for extracting maximum energy from the SUNHardware, Solar
26Scrolling LED Matrix displayHardware, Arduino
27Android based smart home appliance controlHardware, IoT, Arduino
28GSM based Home appliance controlHardware, IoT, Arduino
29A Modified Approach of Supplying Regenerative Power from 3-Ph IM to the Mains using VSISoftware, Matlab-Simulink, Power Electronics
30Automatic 3-point DC motor smart starterHardware, Machines
31Contactless smart length measurementHardware, Arduino
32Smart Lighting System public places towards power savingHardware, Arduino
33Smart Water filling SystemHardware, Micro-controller
34Bionic Organs/Devices/Limbs Wireless Charging using Arduino.Hardware, Arduino
35Social Distance Detector using Arduino.Hardware, Arduino
36Talking Gloves for deaf people using Arduino.Hardware, Arduino
37Real-Time Robotic Car Control Using Brainwaves and Head Movement.Hardware, RasberyPi
38Electrocardiography to monitor the realtime ECG.Hardware, RasberyPi
39Measure Heart Rate and SpO2 with MAX30102 and Arduino.Hardware, Arduino
40Monitor heart rate on mobile using Arduino.Hardware, Arduino
41Smart Automation System for Controlling Various Appliances using a Mobile Device.Hardware, RasberyPi
42Ultrasonic Blind Stick for Completely Blind People to Avoid Any Kind of Obstacles.Hardware, Arduino
43Gas Level Detection and Automatic Booking using Arduino.Hardware, Arduino
44Gesture control Robotic ArmHardware, Arduino, Robotic
4540x8 matrix scrolling display with bluetooth text changeHardware, Arduino
46Smart intruder detector and alert mechanism through callHardware, Arduino, IoT
47Basic phone for calling and messagingHardware, Arduino
48Linear Pulsewidth Modulation Under Fluctuating Power SupplySoftware, Power Electronics, Matlab-Simulink
49Multilevel inverters: a survey of topologies, controls, and applicationsSoftware, Power Electronics, Matlab-Simulink
50A Universal Selective Harmonic Elimination Method for High-Power InvertersSoftware, Power Electronics, Matlab-Simulink
51Modelling and simulation of matrix converter based DC-DC converterSoftware, Power Electronics, Matlab-Simulink
52Selective Harmonics Elimination technique in single phase unipolar H-bridge inverterSoftware, Power Electronics, Matlab-Simulink
53A novel variant of Cyclo - converter designed for high frequency applicationsSoftware, Power Electronics, Matlab-Simulink
54Implementation of Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Number of ComponentsSoftware, Power Electronics, Matlab-Simulink
55Application of ALO to Economic Load Dispatch Without Network Losses for Different ConditionsSoftware, Power Systems, Matlab-Simulink
56Performance Evaluation of Single-Phase H-Bridge Inverter Using Selective Harmonic Elimination by Newton Raphson and Sinusoidal PWM TechniquesSoftware, Power Electronics, Matlab-Simulink
57A Novel Structure of Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with High Voltage Level Generation Capability using Reduced ComponentsSoftware, Power Electronics, Matlab-Simulink
58Development and implementation of control of stand-alone PMSG-based distributed energy system with variation in input and output parametersSoftware, Machines, Matlab-Simulink
59Sliding-Mode Control of PWM Dual Inverter-Based Grid-Connected PV System: Modeling and Performance AnalysisSoftware, Power Electronics, Matlab-Simulink, Solar
60Implementation of Model Predictive Control for Conventional Switched Capacitor Multilevel Inverter to Reduce Input Current Peak and Capacitor Voltage RippleSoftware, Power Electronics, Matlab-Simulink, Wind
61A Single-Source High-Gain Switched-Capacitor Multilevel Inverter with Inherent Voltage Balancing using PSO for Solar ApplicationSoftware, Power Electronics, Matlab-Simulink, Solar
62Single Phase Step-up Switched-Capacitor Based Multilevel Inverter Topology with SHEPWMSoftware, Power Electronics, Matlab-Simulink, Solar
63A Bidirectional DC–DC Converter with Direct Power Transfer for EV ChargingSoftware, Power Electronics, Matlab-Simulink. EV Charging
64A 7-level Switched Capacitor Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Switches and Voltage StressesSoftware, Power Electronics, Matlab-Simulink.
65A Step-up Multilevel Inverter Topology using Novel Switched Capacitor Converters with Reduced ComponentsSoftware, Power Electronics, Matlab-Simulink.
66Design and Analysis of 15 Level Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Number of Switches for Renewable ApplicationsSoftware, Power Electronics, Matlab-Simulink.
67A New Multilevel Inverter Topology With Reduce Switch Count for Renewable Energy, Distributed GenerationSoftware, Power Electronics, Matlab-Simulink.
68Orientation control of Robotic Arm in PythonSoftware, robotics, Python
69Interaction control of a robotic arm and a deforming surface using PythonSoftware, robotics, Python